Lapidary is the art of cutting gemstones. This art has been a part of human history for as long as we can remember, from carving arrows out of rock in the Stone Age to carving beautiful lapis in ancient Egypt. Today such art requires tremendous skill and knowledge, along with years of experience. The art of cutting and faceting gemstones today is a cherished skill and faceters are almost as rare as the gemstones they facet. The talent and knowledge is passed down from master to student during years of training. 

Lauriane Lognay

Lauriane Lognay FGA is a gemologist with the Fellowship of the Gemological Association of Great Britain who also has a D.E.C. in Jewelry. She decided to learn how to facet gemstones as a hobby but it quickly became the main activity of her business as there were very few lapidaries in Quebec. Learning from experience and from master lapidary Yves St-Pierre she quickly made a name for herself in the business. Founder of Rippana back in 2012, she developed the lapidary services alongside the gemstones selling business.

Marc-Antoine Tremblay

Marc-Antoine Tremblay is the chief lapidary at Rippana. He was taught from Master lapidary artist Yves St-Pierre and Lauriane Lognay on the art of cutting gemstones and decided to be part of the Rippana team in 2015. Having done a D.E.C in Arts, he shows great dexterity and comprehension of the rough he chooses to cut. An important aspect is understanding the rough and determining the best way to cut it so the client can have the best possible result. Problems are only solutions waiting to be found.