Creation Gemstones

Creation Gemstones are mostly precious and fine gemstones that follow no standard shape or size. You can find a greater variety of gemstone within this category. 

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'Lavender'' Quartz 36.49cts

'Lavender'' Quartz 26x14.60x10.20mm, Beautiful Color zoning..

Agate - Geode 38.08cts

Agate - Geode 50x38.50x3.40mm, Slice of Geode plated with 950 Platine..

Agate 18k Plated 170.42cts

Agate 66.85x73.50x5.80mm, 18k Yellow Gold plated. Beautiful Color zoning..

Agate Geode Black night titanium

Black night titanium plated natural Agate geode, 39.33cts 60.3x23.3..

Amethyst Stalactite 39.5x36.5mm

Quartz Amethyst 39.50x36.50x6.10mm, Slice of Stalactite..

Amethyst Stalactite 46x38mm

Quartz Amethyst 46.15x38.40x6.60mm, Slice of Stalactite..

Apatite 8.4x8x5.3mm

Apatite 8.4x8x5.3mm cut in Quebec in our shop..