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Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst Crystal roughtly cut in oval 44.5x29.2x15.6mm..

Bi-Color Vesuvianite

Vesuvianite 10.7x8.8x7.1mm Found at Jeffrey Mine in Asbestos, Quebec in 2018..

Bi-color Vesuvianite lot

Vesuvianite lot, from Jeffrey mine in Asbestos, Qc, Canada, medium to low quality..

Bi-color Vesuvianite lot

Bi-Color vesuvianite specimen lot from the Jeffrey mine, Asbestos, Canada..

Black natural opal from Australia

Natural black opal from Australia, email us for more pictures..

Common Opal 131.93cts

Common blue Opal from Peru 131.93cts Natural 68.20x32.36x12.47mm..

Common Opal 192.08cts

Common blue Opal from Peru 192.08cts Natural 41.58x35.94x23.63mm..

Common Opal 55.59cts

Common blue Opal from Peru 55.59cts Natural 39.4x26.28x14.77mm..

Common Opal 65.30cts

Common blue Opal from Peru 65.30cts Natural 32.07x18.85x15.47mm..

Common Opal 92.08cts

Common blue Opal from Peru 92.08cts Natural 54.67x25.8x14.91mm..

Fluorite Rough Octaedron

Fluorite Rough Octaedron Purple Different sizes and tone..